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Anal Surgery

A significant number of medical conditions affect the anal area. Some of these conditions can be treated with medication, while others require surgery. Our specialist will evaluate the symptoms and following a detailed medical examination, determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

Many patients are embarrassed to seek medical attention when it comes to talking about anal troubles. Others may be worried that these procedures are painful and these reasons prevent them from seeking the best treatment early.

However, this unnecessary delay may lead to a worsening of their condition or simply delay the inevitable. Furthermore, such problems may not improve without appropriate medical intervention. And the good news is that some of these conditions do not always need surgery immediately, and lifestyle changes and medications are all that are needed.

Some common symptoms of anorectal conditions include pain, bleeding, swelling, and discharge. Signs such as significant loss of weight or appetite can point to more sinister conditions like cancer.

Is Anal Surgery comfortable?

Anal surgery is performed under anaesthesia, where the patient is comfortably asleep and does not feel anything during the procedure. Since the anal region is sensitive, there can be some discomfort after the patient awakes, but this is easily managed with the medication provided.

In fact, many such surgeries are done as day-case procedures and patients go home comfortably the very same evening.

What can I expect after the surgery?

After the surgery, there may be some discomfort and you will be provided medication for this to bring home. You will be able to move around and open/move your bowels. You will also be given dietary advice and taught how to take care of the anal region during the recovery period, eg. soaking in warm salt baths. The discomfort will improve as the wounds heal.

Other tips to keep in mind during recovery

  • Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions and come for your recovery has to be assessed periodically and monitored.
  • Avoid overly strenuous activities that can contribute to more pain and delayed healing.
  • Follow any instructions given by your doctor.

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