About Us

Mark Wong Surgery

Why us?

At Mark Wong Surgery

Comprehensive Care with Personalised Precision. Guided by this philosophy, we recognise that every person is unique and our treatment is personalised to your needs.

Your Health is our Priority. We are committed to your healthcare needs, guided by the latest medical advancements and evidence-based practices.

The patient experience is about the partnership that begins from the first consultation, as we guide you through your healthcare journey towards recovery.

What to expect?

At Mark Wong Surgery, our tenets of patient care are as follows:

Personalised treatment options (including non-surgical) will be discussed with you to identify the most appropriate option for you.

You are encouraged to have an open discussion of your condition and treatment options in order that you make the best-informed choices.

Any surgical treatment will be performed with adequate assistance as required; your Safety is our Priority.

Our experienced staff will assist in liaising with your healthcare insurance provider, to ensure you have a smooth and seamless experience.

We work closely with several healthcare specialists to provide you with holistic care, ensuring that your related healthcare concerns are addressed, particularly when facing surgery.

Your Health Our Commitment

At Mark Wong Surgery, Your Health is Our Priority and it is Our Commitment to deliver the Personalised Care you deserve.